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Inspection Report.

Atlantic Inspection Service / Inspection Report
The inspection process follows the NCHILB and ASHI standards of practice.

  • The first part of the process is obtaining on site field information.
  • The roof is inspected first. Then exterior and yard.
  • Mechanicals; electrical, HVAC, plumbing are inspected next.
  • Attic and interior are then inspected.
  • Basement and crawl space are last. These areas are inspected last to also check for any plumbing leaks that might have developed during the plumbing test phase.
  • Pictures are taken of defects and/or any areas of recommendation deemed necessary for the report.
  • The actual electronic report (PDF file) is written that evening. The reports are reviewed next morning for any errors or typos. The reports are then transmitted via email. Reports can also be mailed or faxed per request.


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